Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bigotry Triumphs In California--For Now

Well, barring a complete count of the votes on Prop Hate (I understand the count is as of yet incomplete), ignorance and bigotry have triumphed in California. Those who feared that our marriages would somehow diminish theirs, along with those who just flat-out hate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Americans voted down a right that heterosexuals take for granted.

But, LGBT people are not taking this lying down. We are fighting back--protesting, boycotts, and action through the courts. The homophobes are now whining that they are being picked on. Oh, I guess I misunderstood. THEY are allowed to run roughshod over us, and the only thing WE are supposed to do is shut up, bow our heads and let them do it.

This is not an easy battle, but we will win it. Sooner or later, we WILL have marriage equality.
Actually this defeat may have been a good thing. It has awakened gay people to the fact that the only rights we will get are the ones we fight for.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tuesday Is Critical!!

Tuesday, the American people will have a chance to start a new era of honesty and decency. They have a chance to elect a man who will be a credit to America, unlike Palin, McCain, or the on-his-way-out Bush. If the Republicans are not voted out, this country will travel further along a path that I believe decent Americans do not wish to.

Voters in California are being given a chance to say "no" to bigotry and hate--by defeating Prop 8. The Religious Right is all up in arms about the right of LGBT people to legally marry.Seriously, I don't get it. Canada has had same sex marriage for several years now and Canada, to the best of my knowledge, is still there. California is not going to slide into the ocean, nor will there be divine retribution if LGBT people are given the basic human right to marry and have families of their own. I urge all Californians to vote against Prop 8, thus ensuring a resounding defeat for the forces of hate and prejudice.