Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Hate

As I am sure many are now painfully aware, the vote to deny marriage equality resulted in the striking down of same-sex marriage in Maine. In the comments section to the article

"Maine Gay Marriage Vote: Voters Repeal Law Legalising Gay Marriage"

Of course there are the incredibly mean-spirited comments that we have come to expect from the "traditional marriage crowd". Finally a poster asked if they couldn't understand the reasons GLBTQ people want to get married. By that time I had just about had it with the BS from the bigots and I posted the following:

Yes, it IS too much for these cretins to understand. They want their religious/moral views shoved down the throats of GLBTQ people everywhere. They think they are ENTITLED to these rights since they are heterosexual and that gay people should be back in the closet. You scratch all these bigots and that is what you will find....they hate the fact that GLBTQ people exist. A lot of the other rights we have gained in the last 40 years cannot be rolled back so they are focusing on one of the few rights left they can deny/roll back. And all you hating BIGOTS who feel that we should just marry an opposite sex partner and then we can be married (insert Religious Wrong smug smirk here) are IDIOTS. You're also morally bankrupt. You want a gay or lesbian person to marry the opposite sex. Have you seen the damage that does to the straight partner when the gay or lesbian person finally realises they can't live such a farce?! The damage it does to the kids, if there are any? If you are true gay man or lesbian NOTHING will make you experience sexual desire for the opposite sex. I was married for six years to a straight man and I would NEVER do that to someone again!!!

I thank the Goddess every day for Canada. Instead of hatred and exclusion, we were welcomed with open arms. In their kindness, knowing of the hatred so much of the world clings to, the right to marry has been extended without regard to citizenship. We were processed like any other couple, gay or straight and in about twenty minutes we had our license to marry. I can tell you, I cried tears of joy when that license was handed to us. The next afternoon, we were able to marry in a lovely ceremony by the Deroit River with all those we love in attendance. My late mother even came and she told me, "When I die, I want to go knowing you are happy. If marrying Anna makes you happy, then I am happy." She fully accepted my spouse as her daughter-in-law--when my spouse addressed her as "Mrs. So-and-So" she said, "No, call me Mom." Now this woman was a devout Missouri Synod Lutheran and yet she found a place in her heart for love, kindness and acceptance.

All you haters on the board here, I PRAY that none of your children ever turn out to be gay. No child would ever deserve the rejection you all would be certain to dish out to them. I DON'T WANT TO TAKE ANY RIGHTS AWAY FROM ANY OF YOU. Why do you want to deny me the right to have legal committment, recognised in the whole country, a committment we live with likely more fidelity than many straight couples? Does it make all you bigots out there happy that a gay or lesbian couple, one who only wants to love and share their lives together, cannot legally do so in Maine? I pity you. Such small hearts, minds, and souls.

Rarely have I come across more mean-spirited, smug, self-satisfied excuses for human beings as I have in the "traditional marriage" movement. When I hear about a couple getting married, I think it is wonderful that two people have decided to commit, settle down and share (hopefully) a long, happy life together. No restriction as to whether they are gay or straight. But the "traditional marriage" people? It's as if by a GLBTQ couple's being allowed to marry and share life, they believe something will be taken away from them. "No! Marriage is ours! We can't allow it to YOU (fill in the reason, here)! Our marriages will mean less!"

We WILL one day have marriage equality across the United States. I only hope I am here to see it.