Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Forth GLBTQ and Childfree America

Well, here we are to yet another July 4th in which to celebrate our freedom. Unfortunately, for the GLBTQ and childfree communities, there is discrimination and inequality. In today's New York Times I found the irritating "'Family Friendly' White House Is Proving Less So." It croons about how awful it is that White House schedules keep PARENTS from a nine-to-five workday. The sentence that burned me was "To support working parents, the Obamas distributed laptops to aides with families--before those without children--so they could work from home." Of course, the CF have no obligations so they can work without the most basic tools 24-7.

WHY is it that the childed are automatically given things like laptops and the chance to "work at home"? Why are the childfree constantly expected to pull more than their share of the load? Why do breeders (as opposed to parents)cthink that they automatically DESERVE a 9-to-5 job? I'm sure many childfree would LOVE to be able to work 9-to-5 Monday through Friday but guess what, my friends? NOT HAPPENING! I am sick and tired of the breeder element thinking that all sorts of perks and preferences should be theirs solely by virtue of their being parents! You deserve no less and no more than any American. To the breeders: GET OVER YOURSELVES! The childfree are sick to death of all the tax breaks, special working arrangements, and all the crap you keep agitating for.
Breeders screamed untiil child-free housing complexes are damned near impossible to find. There is sufficient accomodation everywhere for families, yet when a venue is seen to be childfree, many with children invade said venue with a vengeance. It seems that the childfree are not even allowed to complain if a meal is disturbed by noisy ill-mannered parents and children! Even the 55-plus communities are being slowly infiltrated by children who either visit or are living with their grandparents. This is not acceptable. And yes, you will see the childfree challenging the assumptions of those with children in the future. I certainly will be challenging those assumptions.

As for the GLBTQ community, we are far from even the universal right to marriage. Hell, in Ft. Worth the cops raided a gay bar over Pride weekend! We are forced to fight this battle state by state by state. Even at the start of the 21st Century, we are still fighting people like NOM (who cannot seem to edit their ads) and all the rest of the homohaters who yell about how promiscuous we supposedly are yet will not allow us to be married. They say that our ability to marry will destroy "traditional marriage". We can do nothing to the institution that straights hav not already done.
So my fellow childfree and my fellow GLBTQ Americans we have a way to go til we can truly say "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty we are free at last!"