Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Duggars

Is anyone as sickened by the Duggars as I am? These people are a disgrace! The son is ready to marry and the mother is having her 18th brat! At one time, people such as these were seen as trashing, unable to control themselves and their famblee size--certaintly not anyone to glorify or emulate. Now, t hese masters of fail have their own website, complete with a webmaster named Joe Bob. Break out those banjos, Bubba!

I looked at the eldest's intended. She looks like another one of these spaced-out fundies who will passively pump out one baybee after another. I'm sure she'll be dutiful and fruitful. Shades of "The Handmaid's Tale"--this is the kind of America these people want to impose on us: heterosexist, baybee-popping little fundie couples. After all, we all know that birthin' baybees is all women are good for.

Wake up, America, more of this crap is what is ahead if you elect McCain and Palin.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Childfree--And Don't Care Who Knows It!!

Yep, I'm CF and I don't care who knows it!! The childed seem to have control of the discourcse on child-rearing and from what I have been seeing of late, they 'don't know what the hell they're talking about. Children running wild, teenmoos, kids "hooking up"...the abysmal list goes on and on and on.

Now, not all of this is the fault of parents, though much of it is. Sapnking your kids is to invite Child Services to your home. Forget discipline in schools. KidLib has managed to largely eliminate discipline in any form from our schoo ls. Parents just becoming parents now probably have been raised without discipline, so how can they discipline when they have no idea of what the word means?!

The sad fact is, my generation and the generation before fell down on the job when it comes to child-rearing. Discipline started to go out the window in the 1970s and by now, it's largely a thing of the past. If there is any discpline at all, it's this nonsense known as "gentle discipline". GENTLE DISCIPLINE IS NO DISCIPLINE AT ALL! It's a plea to Snotford and Bratleigh to pleeeeeese behave. A plea comes from a place of powerlessness. You do not beg your children to do ANYTHING. You TELL them, and if they do not comply, you make sure that there are CONSEQUENCES.

You wonder why the more militant childfree refer to most parents as "breeders". It's because most parents give birth and then let their spawn run wild. The militant childfree are sick of parents who TALK about "The Most Important Job In The World" (hereafter abbreviated as TMIJITW, but actually do nothing.
We are tired of EVERY damn thing revolving around parents and/or children. We are tired of being expected to step up to the plate whenever a parent wants/needs to leave work early. We are tired of benefits being offered to parents that are not available to us. We are sick to death of breeder/child-centric society.