Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Duggars

Is anyone as sickened by the Duggars as I am? These people are a disgrace! The son is ready to marry and the mother is having her 18th brat! At one time, people such as these were seen as trashing, unable to control themselves and their famblee size--certaintly not anyone to glorify or emulate. Now, t hese masters of fail have their own website, complete with a webmaster named Joe Bob. Break out those banjos, Bubba!

I looked at the eldest's intended. She looks like another one of these spaced-out fundies who will passively pump out one baybee after another. I'm sure she'll be dutiful and fruitful. Shades of "The Handmaid's Tale"--this is the kind of America these people want to impose on us: heterosexist, baybee-popping little fundie couples. After all, we all know that birthin' baybees is all women are good for.

Wake up, America, more of this crap is what is ahead if you elect McCain and Palin.

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Sea_creature said...

Yes. People who breed and breeed and breeeeeeeeed completely disgust me. How BORING can they get?!
I'm another CF'er. I must had my epiphany a few months ago. It's like a giant weight has been taken off my back. Isn't it great to have control of your own life? So refreshing... Anyway, great blog. Keep it up.