Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So Tired Of All the Hate

I am so tired of all the hate when it comes to same-sex marriage. Most of it is coming from the various right-wing Christian communities. They tell us that we ought to be killed, that we are unnatural, that loving someone of the same sex is tanamount to incest, paedophilia, or bestiality.

My husband and I went to Canada to get married so we wouldn't have to put up with all the backwards crap spewed by the Religious Wrong in this country. It was refreshing to go to the Marriage License Bureau just like any other couple wishing to get a marriage license. None of this carrying on, "OMG! They're freaks! Two men want to get married!", no hassle, no people heckling us--just a beautiful wedding by the Detroit River with our loved ones in attendance.

Over here in the States, my husband and I do not show affection in public for fear that we could be beaten or worse. This means that any anniversaries or special days in our lives must either be at home, or if we do go out, we hold hands under the table, or steal a quick kiss when no one is looking. How would straight people like having to live like that?!

Now to add insult to the injury of hateful referendums passed in California, Arizona, and Florida, Obama has invited Rick Warren, a hateful, homophobic Talibangelist, to give the Invocation at the Inauguration. Why? Couldn't he find a decent clergyman to do the honours? How about the Rev. Jesse Jackson--or is he too radical? Nope, our "change" President-Elect picks a BIGOT to bless his inauguration. When gay people say anything about it, we are told to "just get over it". How DARE we get up in the President-Elect's face when he picks someone who compares us to paedophiles and/or bestialists? Well, we aren't going to "just get over it". The choice of Rick Warren to give the Invocation is a slap in the face of every LGBT American who voted for Barack Obama.

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Sea_creature said...

It is a terrible slap in the face... I was very disappointed to find out that Warren our new, 'ground breaking' president's choice. *sigh* And I thought we were starting to move on.

I couldn't imagine dealing with bigotry when it comes to the one I choose to love. I'm so sorry you have to deal with it...STILL. I hope things change... There's always hope that it will get better.

Take care...