Friday, May 22, 2009

CA Supreme Court To Rule on Prop H8

Apparently the Supreme Court will hand down its ruling this coming Tuesday. In view of the recent victories in other states and the District of Columbia, it would be nice to think that decency will overcome hatred and mean-spiritedness, but to be honest, I haven't the foggiest idea of whether the Court will overturn it or not.

This bruhaha over marriage equality makes me ill at times. The fact that the Religious Right takes smug and malicious pleasure in any victories that can be scored against us makes me even more ill. I see God/dess as love and acceptance. while their God hates and rejects, just like so many of his followers.

Why is it that small countries, such as Uruguay enshrine marriage equality in law while we are forced to fight this battle state by state by state, with no guarantee that the Religious Right will not manage to get it voted down should the Leslature pass a marriage equality law or State Courts rule the banning of marriage equality to be unconstitutional?

I have only one comfort if Prop H8 is upheld: sooner or later, we WILL have marriage equality. One day, people will vote on the basis of love and acceptance rather than to have a group to look down on as inferior.

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